Status Update 77

Seems like tabling at Geekgirlcon is not the smartest thing to do for this year since I don’t really know the layout and stuff compared to Sakuracon. Everyone I asked never went themselves and either wanted to or had friends that went so I couldn’t really get a good basis on that.
Also I think if I were to table, I would have to sign up for an exhibition table (costs a lot more) since i’m not just focused on art. Hopefully I can get to more cons next year, but at the very least there is Sakuracon.

The main focus right now is to complete that and make it good before I send it to be edited. Once that’s done, the editor can start writing Megan’s route (or she can start brainstorming now, since I still have to work on April’s script – whatever will work best for her). It’s a little bit early but I do have scenarios planned for Jade’s route, but I won’t flesh them out until April’s is done.

One last note: I have been informed by the artist that another artist might be interested in helping but is currently busy due to school and stuff. Nothing too official on that yet though, but it will totally speed the process on the art aspect to have two artists on this project versus one.


Sakuracon and Other Stuff

Sakuracon 2015 was this past weekend and it was just phenomenal! I had a lot more people that were interested in Full Circle compared to last year, and a lot of people seem really interested in it as well as my future projects! I still printed more materials than we gave out, but there wasn’t as much left over compared to last year.

Based on the buttons given out, people seem to like the art and back story of April more-so than Rachel. A lot of people that tested the demo also mentioned that they haven’t seen a visual novel that takes place in a setting like mine.

As for things people wanted to see, one big thing would have to be the option to choose gender/name at the beginning. This was something I put in at an early build, to test out the code, but then took it out because we were working on last year’s demo and trying to make that work. I might implement this again in the future, but the 4 core routes will be our main priority.

I have also been looking to promote at other cons. One of the conventions I am looking at is GeekGirlCon. The application seems confusing though :S

One of these days I will aim for PAX but that is when we have established content and whatnot xD

As for other things:

I’ll order the donator-only buttons soon, probably by Friday, and I will mail them out to the donators once I received them. The GoFundMe is still open for anyone that still wants to donate, however the reward tier has been hidden for now.

I will also continue to work on The Adventures of Dave off an on, but the current priority is Full Circle. Actual development for the third game won’t be started until that is finished.

Status Update 76

This past week I have been mainly working on The Adventures of Dave, learning the code to do what I wanted it to do. I think it worked out in the end. I’ll post the area map sometime this weekend. Many people should be able to recognize the layout. I think it’s more recognizable than the first one xD

Status Update 75

I have uploaded the bgm music that I will use for the title screen! You can view it here:

I also wrote a scene for April, as well as work a little bit on the trailer. I will hopefully have the trailer done by next week!

I also found a lot of great royalty free stuff that I will have to sift through and that will take me a while – It’s better to get a lot and sift through, rather than getting one or two and ending up needing to get more.

Status Update 74

I apologize for not updating last week. I was sick for most of that week 😦

I’m still trying to find places to share the gofundme but to no avail.

I did find a great collection of royalty free music that fits the game so I might use that. I’ll have to triple check for permissions and whatnot.

Because of this, I can start working more on a trailer, and maybe put up a bgm for the title screen on the youtube channel. I’ll keep working on the script for April’s route when I have time.

Status Update 73

The GoFundMe is live!

This week is a busy week for me – basically catching up on work that I didn’t do last week due to holidays. Other than that, I will try and get some more scenes written for April.

Status Update 72

After a discussion, it seems like the best possible course for gofundme will be just a general campaign without any tiers. This will save us time on figuring out pricing for tiers, as well as additional costs like shipping. We plan on having the gofundme launch sometime this or next week, with our base goal being 300 dollars.

This will cover the materials for stickers, flyers, and buttons – the three things we originally wanted to do. If we get more donations, then we will see what kind of other materials we can get, but those three will be our main priority for this campaign.

I might also set this so that it doesn’t close so people can still donate if they want to after Sakuracon. This will help pay for next year, as well as give us spending money for advertising to make the studio more well known.

Status Update 71

Since this week has Christmas going on, people will be spending time with their families. I will try to get some work done though, since I plan on getting April’s script done in about a month.

I also contacted a few artists and they seem interested in doing some work for the promotional stuff when I launch the gofundme.

Happy Holidays!

Status Update 70

70th update and it’s kind of a long-ish one.

I have been thinking of ideas of how to make Sakuracon more than just a place to promote – basically I wanted to create something special for it. However that requires a lot of planning and funds. I tossed a few ideas around with the team and are waiting for their opinions, but it really boils down to two things – time and funds.

For time, we all have working jobs (and for the testers, school), so we do not have that much free time to work on the project. I wish to have a lot more done than we have now, but our work jobs come first (we do need to live after all xD ).

As for the funds, I am still planning on a gofundme, but I am holding off launching that campaign until we get solid tiers set up and all that jazz.

For both in regards to Sakuracon, if there isn’t time to get designs for new promotional items, I might have to ask a few other friends for ‘guest designs’ if they wanted to help out.

I have a few outlets to promote, but I need to find more. I’ve been thinking of getting adspace on certain sites and maybe that will help as well.

Status Update 69

This past week I was swamped with other work so I couldn’t get much done. I’ve toyed around with the name for the company / studio that made the in game game but now I think I would have to scrap the name I came up with and go with another name.

The concept art for April looks amazing. I have high hopes for this route and if we can get the right composer, it can do wonders.

I plan on looking for different kinds of promotional materials before I start the gofundme listing. I know I will do buttons and flyers for Sakuracon, but I want to explore other types of promotional material. The main thing I want is to get more exposure. I can’t just apply for Greenlight when hardly anyone has heard about this studio yet. Well, I can but it probably won’t go far in the approval process.