Status Update 57

This update was a little late :( This weekend got somewhat busy towards the end…

I have made another outline for a scene for April, as well as different variations of one scene, trying to decide which one is better.

I am thinking about doing the same full art scene in different angles, but that will eventually be up to the artist and if she has the time to do that.

I will try to get more done this week…I am still waiting on sprites and music.

Status Update 56

Not a lot of stuff got done due to work and other things that went on this past week, and will be the same this week. :(

However, I got some outlines done on some scenes that I wanted to do this past week, and I plan to do the same this week, but I will be fully busy come Friday.

So basically, April’s route is still being worked on, just at a slower pace at least for the time being.

My goal is to have April’s route done and programmed (hopefully with art and music) about a month or so before sakuracon so I can prepare more promotional stuff assuming we get a table again (and hopefully we know about it more than a week before con…).

Status Update 55

PAX Prime is over :(
I hope everyone who went had tons of fun and got some free stuff :)

As for development, I wrote some more scenes over the weekend, and I fleshed out 2 of them. It looks short for the moment, because a lot of the story is already done in Rachel’s route (the prologue for example). So for now I will be taking a different approach and just write the individual scenes first and then arrange them so they fit in together (though that is mainly an issue for act 1). I have more scene ideas, but I need time to figure out how to expand those ideas into actual text.


Status Update 54

Not much happened due to another CBT event.
Progress-wise, I have written an event for the musician route.

Pax is happening this upcoming weekend, and since I am not going, I will have time to write a lot more scenes.

There will be some sprites done in 2-3 weeks.

The composer is super busy and that is why I have not gotten anything new yet :l

Status Update 53

A lot of work did not get done in regards to the visual novel this past week, because of other work as well as a CBT that happened this past weekend.

I am still waiting to hear from the musician, and all the art that needs to be done for the demo are the rest of the sprites.

For this week, I plan on starting on the script for the musician and should have a good portion of it done.

Status Update 52

All of Rachel’s backgrounds are done! For the demo at least.

I am still waiting on music and sprites, but progress is progress. I sent the updated demo to my testers to test it out.

Ideas are stirring up for the next route that I am writing: the musician.

I am also adding things to this blog. I recently added a demo page where I will post the public release demos of my games. I will also add another page describing the games that I am currently working on.

Status Update 51

This past week I have been working on an RPG that I plan to release for free. I have put some screenshots of the work I done on the facebook page.

Other than that I am just waiting on assets done by the artist and musician so I can put it in the demo.

I might start thinking up ideas for another route just so things can get rolling once the assets for the demo are done. All I know is that the online friend route will be saved for last due to how that will be programmed in.

Status Update 50

50 updates already! Seems like it went by so fast. The composer and I have been going back and forth on what I wanted to hear in the demo. Prior to that, I have received something from him, but it can’t be used in the demo (which was why we went over the priorities of music). However, the draft I received was usable in a future section of the game as a whole, so it wasn’t a waste xD

This past week I have been working on my solo side project since I had the time to (still waiting on music and art for the visual novel). I will post a screenshot on the facebook page later today. If you played a certain snes game in the past you might recognize it ;)

Status Update 49

Not much got done this past week, I was busy for the most part (The International 4 was this past weekend).

I found sprites for the for-fun rpg game I am making to learn the program.

However with the visual novel, I am still waiting for music and art :(

I want something that I could hopefully use for as trailer BGM, but I would still need something to give feedback on.

Status Update 48

The crew was busy with other things this past week so a lot didn’t get done :(

Hopefully I would get some things by next week because I really want to publicly release the update for the demo, however the way it is now is not acceptable (to me) for a public release.

As for the RPG, I decided to abandon the Pokemon engine, since it won’t let me do what I want it to do easily. Also the enginewas in RPG Maker XP instead of VXAce (I have more assets for Ace). I’ll just have to find sprites and load them up there.


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