Status Update 62

Quick update for this week:

  • Rachel well be redesigned slightly, looks-wise.
  • I will write a flashback scene that is related to this redesign.
  • More art has been done, mainly young Rachel, so those will be uploaded to the page over the week.

Status Update 61

Small update:

I added more to one of the flashback scenes for April.

I also outlined possible outcomes during the concert for each route for April (Good/normal/Bad).

Things are going along slowly but surely!

Status Update 60

60 weeks of updates :O

I dropped the composer for now because I haven’t even heard a word from him for a few weeks, and nothing was getting done music-wise. I know that everyone is busy, but I would have liked to hear some kind of message regarding status.

I wrote a flashback scene for April’s route. I will revise it this week and probably make it longer.

Status Update 59

Pretty short update this week.

I still haven’t heard a word from the composer, so I don’t know the status on that. If I don’t hear back, I’ll eventually have to find a new composer.

I know I have been slacking lately but I’ll try to get a scene written this week.

Status Update 58

A bit brief on this update, since not a lot happened again.

I have received some drafts of additional sprites. I really can’t wait for the finalized version to be put in the game :D

Still no word from the composer. I know he’s super busy so I don’t know if I will have to search for someone else :/

Status Update 57

This update was a little late :( This weekend got somewhat busy towards the end…

I have made another outline for a scene for April, as well as different variations of one scene, trying to decide which one is better.

I am thinking about doing the same full art scene in different angles, but that will eventually be up to the artist and if she has the time to do that.

I will try to get more done this week…I am still waiting on sprites and music.

Status Update 56

Not a lot of stuff got done due to work and other things that went on this past week, and will be the same this week. :(

However, I got some outlines done on some scenes that I wanted to do this past week, and I plan to do the same this week, but I will be fully busy come Friday.

So basically, April’s route is still being worked on, just at a slower pace at least for the time being.

My goal is to have April’s route done and programmed (hopefully with art and music) about a month or so before sakuracon so I can prepare more promotional stuff assuming we get a table again (and hopefully we know about it more than a week before con…).

Status Update 55

PAX Prime is over :(
I hope everyone who went had tons of fun and got some free stuff :)

As for development, I wrote some more scenes over the weekend, and I fleshed out 2 of them. It looks short for the moment, because a lot of the story is already done in Rachel’s route (the prologue for example). So for now I will be taking a different approach and just write the individual scenes first and then arrange them so they fit in together (though that is mainly an issue for act 1). I have more scene ideas, but I need time to figure out how to expand those ideas into actual text.


Status Update 54

Not much happened due to another CBT event.
Progress-wise, I have written an event for the musician route.

Pax is happening this upcoming weekend, and since I am not going, I will have time to write a lot more scenes.

There will be some sprites done in 2-3 weeks.

The composer is super busy and that is why I have not gotten anything new yet :l

Status Update 53

A lot of work did not get done in regards to the visual novel this past week, because of other work as well as a CBT that happened this past weekend.

I am still waiting to hear from the musician, and all the art that needs to be done for the demo are the rest of the sprites.

For this week, I plan on starting on the script for the musician and should have a good portion of it done.


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